About Us

Hydravalve (UK) Ltd was established in 1988 as a private limited company, started by partners Mr A Newham and Mr A Brown, since Tony's Retirement Christmas 2008 the company is now family run, with Andy Newham Managing Director, Marie Shaw Company Secretary, Andrew Newham and Edward Newham are Directors.

Starting with a single 1000 sq ft unit in Willenhall, West Midlands, the company has now expanded into 12,000 sq ft units.

Now 25 years later, with very large stockholding of valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, hose and fittings, with a constantly growing portfolio to meet the requirements of an ever changing market place.

The product range, growing all the time, is only sourced through ISO approved suppliers, has helped established Hydravalve as long standing supply partners to major companies in various industries, including:- original equipment manufacturers, in paint production, paint spraying, mixing, foundry, food and beverage, industrial washing and hydraulic industries.

We are also very competitive and sell many of our products to other valve distributors as well as dealing with installers and fabrication companies.

Valves available from stock include:

  • Ball valves screwed, socket weld, butt weld and flanged in stainless, brass, cast iron, steel and bronze material. ¼” to 6”
  • Gate valves screwed, socket weld, butt weld and flanged in stainless brass, cast iron, steel and bronze material. ¼” to 8”
  • Globe valves screwed, socket weld, butt weld and flanged in stainless, brass, cast iron, steel and bronze material ¼” to 8”
  • Check valves, spring pattern, swing and horizontal lift in screwed, socket weld and flanged in stainless, brass, cast iron, steel and bronze material ¼” to 8”
  • Y type and basket strainers in screwed and flanged in stainless, brass, cast iron, steel and bronze material ¼” to 12”
  • Butterfly valves in wafer and lugged pattern PN16 and ASA150 in cast iron, stainless and high performance cast steel body with aluminium bronze, stainless steel, ductile iron discs with a variety of liners including viton, silicon, PTFE, EPDM and NBR, lever and gear box operated. 1” to 20”
  • Relief and safety valves in stainless, brass, cast iron and bronze in screwed and flanged ½” to 6”
  • Pressure reducing valves in brass, cast iron, steel and stainless steel in screwed and flanged ½” to 2”
  • Knife gate valves flanged in cast iron and stainless steel 2” to 16”

Valves can be supplied with material and test certification, where applicable, and certificates of conformity where not. Cleaned silicon free and grease free for specialised industries.

The valves can then be pneumatically, electrically and hydraulically actuated in various specifications including ATEX in all zones, explosion proof , intrinsically safe, in most cases from stock giving a vital next day service to most parts of the UK.

Actuators available in aluminium, plastic and stainless steel, with additional ancillary equipment, including NAMUR solenoids, switch boxes, positioners, quick exhaust valves, silencers, quick exhaust valves.

A large range of brass and stainless solenoid valves are also available in brass, stainless steel and some plastic materials, in various voltages.


Hydravalve also stock a wide range of tube, and fittings, for the hydraulic, dairy and pneumatic industries including the following.

  • Hydraulic tube
  • Compression fittings
  • Walterscheid
  • Eaton
  • Rastelli
  • Adaptors in bspp, bspt, JIC, UNF, metric
  • Hydraulic hose assemblies
  • Hose
  • Stauff clamps
  • Re-useable fittings
  • Hydraulic Test Kits
  • Instrumentation fittings for very high pressures
  • Pressure Gauges including Wika
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Temperature gauges and thermometers
  • UCC equipment
  • Cylinders
  • Quick release couplings
  • Bauer couplings
  • Snap Tite couplings
  • Camlock couplings
  • FRL’s
  • Lubricators
  • Air and hydraulic filters
  • Air regulators
  • Norgren parts
  • Pneumatic equipment including
  • Festo
  • Camozzi
  • Parker pneumatics
  • Air Pro
  • API
  • Univer equipment
  • Honeywell equipment
  • Graco pumps and accessories
  • Itap valves
  • Prisma actuators
  • Worcester valves
  • Kitz valves
  • NTC valves
  • Crane and Hattersley valves
  • Kingdom valves
  • Mars valves
  • Haitima valves
  • Legris equipment
  • Rhodes equipment
  • Sferaco Valves
  • Nabic safety valves
  • Bailey Birkett equipment
  • Burkert solenoids
  • J and J actuators
  • Omal valves and actuators
  • Sirai solenoid valves
  • Valpes electric actuators
  • Durapipe and GF plastic valves and fittings
  • John Guest fast track fittings
  • Brass hose tails and fittings
  • Aignep valves and fittings
  • Wade compression
  • Enots fittings
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Ham-Let fittings
  • Hygenic fittings
  • Malleable iron pipe fittings
  • Kee Clamp fittings
  • Handrail fittings
  • Nylon , polyurethane and PTFE tubing
  • Re-coil hoses
  • Compressor hoses
  • Industrial hose including:
    • Kanaflex
    • XLPE hose
    • Oil suction and delivery hose
    • Brewers hose
    • Food quality hose
    • Steam hose
    • Flexible metallic hose
    • Ducting hose
    • Vacuum hose
  • Self retracting hose reels
  • Hose clips and clamps
  • Jubilee clips
  • Silvent equipment
  • Tools and consumables
  • Overhauls and gloves
  • Workwear
  • Eye protection
  • Safety footwear
  • Signs and Pipeline information tape
  • Castors
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Storage systems
  • Welding spares and accessories
  • ATEX NAMUR Solenoid Valves

And many more products.

If your requirements are not in this list or in our 1400 page catalogue and price list please ask.

Thank you for reading.

Andy Newham
Managing Director

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