The Activalve Auto Water Shut-off Valve
  • The Activalve Auto Water Shut-off Valve
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Activalve - Auto Water Shut Off-Valve

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- Exclusive, patented product , guaranteed by RuB and Made in Italy.

- Easily recognizable as the main water supply valve and operated by simply pressing the red button for shut off.

- Protection from freezing: Activalve® is temperature sensitive so when the temperature approaches freezing range, the device will automatically shut off the main water supply.

- Activalve® is completely mechanical, so there is no need for electricity,  batteries or wires!

- Caring about your health: The RuB brass ball valve provided with Activalve® is made of first quality lead-free dezincification resistant brass specifically designed for drinking water installations and compliant with most stringent international specifications. Furthermore a special auto-washing ball, which offers protection against Legionella. WRAS Approved

- Easy to install - RuB valve can easily replace the existing  water main shut off inside the house and it can be installed quickly and easily thanks to its compression-end fittings.

- 5 year warranty!

- Extremely convenient considering the headaches this product solves!



- Provides a compelling solution for manual shut-off or automated water main shut-off in cold conditions.

- Drastically reduces risk of water damage from burst pipes in freezing conditions.

- Offers peace of mind for remote or absent property owners.

- Essentially this is an auto stop cock

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Activalve - Auto Water Shut Off-Valve
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