J2 Low Voltage Electric Actuator 10Nm
  • J2 Low Voltage Electric Actuator 10Nm
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J2 10Nm Electric Actuator

J2 Standard features:

J2-L Series: 16 to 48V AC or DC

J2-H Series: 80 to 240V AC or DC

Electronic torque limiter with auto gear relaxing system

Thermostatic anti-condensation heater

Available on/off only

CE marked

Max Torque 12Nm

IP65 Weatherproof housing

Manual override

All external electrical connection via DIN plugs

External wiring diagram

Local visual position indicator

Volt free end of travel position confirmation

Multi-flange mounting to ISO:5211

Female star drive (double square)

Serial numbered and traceable

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Product Price Qty
J2-L10 10Nm Electric Actuator 24V AC or DC
FROM £119.83
J2-H10 10Nm Electric Actuator 110-240V AC or DC
FROM £119.83