PVC Union Metric Plain
  • PVC Union Metric Plain
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PVC-U Union Metric Plain

HUK PVC Union Metric Plain

MATERIAL: Rigid PVC (non-plastified polyvinyl chloride). This material is appropriate to be used in contact with drinkable water and other fluids. This material is in accordance with the standard ISO/TR 7473

STANDARDS: The HUK cement jointing fittings in rigid PVC are manufactured according to the standard EN 1452-3

ASSEMBLY: By jointing, always using appropriate glues.

SERVICE PRESSURE: The service pressure, just as an indication, is of 16 bar at 20ºC (water) or 10 bar at 40ºC (water), for the diameters until 160 mm and 10 bar 20ºC (water) or 6 bar at 40ºC (water) for the diameter of 200 mm

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PVC-U Union Plain 20mm
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PVC-U Union Plain 25mm
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PVC-U Union Plain 32mm
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PVC-U Union Plain 40mm
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PVC-U Union Plain 50mm
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PVC-U Union Plain 63mm
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