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Now Stocking Economy WRAS and Gas EN331 Approved Brass Ball Valves

Hydravalve have recently introduced a new economy range of brass ball valves to its already extensive product range. The new female/female brass ball valves are available WRAS approved or EN331 gas approved.

The WRAS approved brass ball valve is suitable for applications such as potable water, HVAC and compressed air systems for isolation shut-off. The valve is designed to be operated vertically or horizontally, it comes with a 3 year warranty and is maintenance free. Red handles will be stocked as standard with the options of green, blue and black available on request.

The yellow handle full bore EN331 gas approved ball valve which conforms to EN331 has been specifically developed for gas installations including town gas, natural gas and liquid gas isolation shut-off. Similar to the WRAS approved brass ball valve, the EN311 gas approved brass ball valve also comes with a 3 year warranty and is maintenance free.

For more information on pricing, please contact our sales team.

Hydravalve Are the Official UK Distributor for Bombas Borja

Hydravalve are pleased to announce the new partnership with the European manufacturer Bombas Borja.

Hydravalve are pleased to announce the new partnership with the European manufacturer Bombas Borja.

Manufacturing valves since 1929, Bombas Borja specialise in cast/ductile iron flanged PN10, PN16 and PN25 rated metal or resilient seated gate valves suitable for the water and industrial industries.

For any enquires with flanged gate valves please contact

Stainless Steel Wafer Ball Valves Actuated Package ATEX Approved

Built in our in-house actuation centre and ready for dispatch today are x2 6″ stainless steel wafer ball valves fitted with Haitima HTS 160 spring return pneumatic actuators, MORC switch boxes and Namur solenoid valves. All components are ATEX approved suitable for Zone 2 as specified by the customer. The actuated valves will be used for natural gas application.

Built and ready for dispatch today are x2 6" stainless steel wafer ball valve packages.

Hydravalve can build bespoke valve packages for your specific requirements. For any enquiries please email

  Built and ready for dispatch today are x2 6" stainless steel wafer ball valve packages.


Coming Soon – The New J4C Electric Actuator by J+J

As recently published on social media, Hydravalve (UK) are pleased to be appointed as the official distributors in the UK and Ireland for the J+J electric actuator. Furthermore, as you may have seen at Valve World Dusseldorf 2018, J+J BCN advertised the news of the J4C on their stand. The model J4C, the latest series from the innovative European manufacturers J+J, showcases significant improvements to its predecessor the J3C. Making the smart actuator even smarter.

The J4C series by J+J coming soon to Hydravalve (UK)

With IP67 industrial weatherproof housing, unrivalled and patent pending 24-240V AC or DC multi-voltage technology with automatic voltage sensing, multi-coloured LED actuator status light and DOME visual position indicator. Additionally, a user-friendly plug and play kit, allowing the user to modify a standard on/off actuator to create a failsafe and/or modulating actuator. When comparing the J4C to the J3C you can identify clear DNA heritage. However, this is where the design innovation begins, the J4C features revolutionary brushless motor technology. The brushless motor is stronger, more efficient and less maintenance is required when compared to a brushed motor. This contributes to a significant improvement in the lifespan of the actuator. Due to this, J+J have offered for the first time a 3 year warranty from shipment date or up to 60000 working cycles.

J+J have also introduced a Bluetooth technology option. The Bluetooth communication system built into the actuator can communicate with any IOS or Android device. From a mobile phone or tablet, the user can open, close or stop the actuator. The user can also gain technical information such as the status, read parameters or investigate errors or incidences. Via Bluetooth, the actuator can communicate up to 50 devices within a maximum distance of 20m. The communication between all the devices is also password protected.

The final revolutionary new feature to the J4C is a Modbus option. This plug and play feature allows the user to operate each individual actuator manually. Up to 32 actuators can be installed and connection is available via a ethernet cable up to a 1200m distance range or WiFi up to a 1600m distance range without a WiFi booster. The user can operate the system from a control panel, tablet, mobile phone or PC resulting in the flexibility of use inside or outside a plant. However, this option is only in operation when a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 32 actuators are installed.

The J4C is due to be released in Summer 2019 and will be available from stock in all torque ranges from 20Nm to 300Nm at Hydravalve. For more information please contact our technical sales team.

Smart just got even smarter.

This Is No April Fools – Free UK Next Day Delivery

Free UK Next Day delivery on all orders over £100 for web orders & account customers.

Free UK Next Day delivery on all orders over £100 for web orders & account customers. Offer valid until 30/04/19 & excludes pallet items. Click here to place your order. If you have an account then please call/email our sales team. The contact information can be found below.

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Actuated Wouter Witzel Concentric Butterfly Valves for Water Treatment

Actuated Wouter Witzel butterfly valves fitted with Haitima pneumatic actuators

x10 12″ wafer pattern Wouter Witzel EVS stainless steel disc and NBR seat concentric butterfly valves fitted with Haitima spring return pneumatic actuators. 16 bar rated and to suit end connections of EN 1092 PN 6, 10 and 16, ASME B16.5 cl. 150 / B16.47 cl. 150, MSS SP 44 cl. 150, AWWA C207 cl. B, D and E, BS 10 table D and E and JIS 5K/10K/16K.

100% dry function bench tested in-house before shipping.
Actuated Wouter Witzel concentric butterfly valves 100% dry bench tested tested in-house before shipping.

Wouter Witzel are part of the AVK Group and can provide butterfly valves for various industries such as water treatment, oil and gas, desalination, building services and district cooling. For any Wouter Witzel enquiries please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 1902 637263 or alternatively, please email