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Turbine Flowmeter c/w Digital Rate Totaliser

3” PN16 Stainless Steel Turbine Flowmeter c/w Digital Rate Totaliser.

Turbine Flowmeter

·  Highly accurate measurement of flow
– Well proven
– Improve product quality
– Reduce costs and waste

·  Robust stainless steel construction
– Corrosion resistant
– Very low maintenance and down time
– Withstands high temperature and pressure

·  High quality manufacture
– ISO 9001 certified company
– Approvals for use in hazardous areas
– Individual calibration certificates

·  Low pressure drop

·  Bi-directional flow capability

This range of flowmeters is used for liquids such as water, light oils, solvents and low viscosity chemicals. You can use them for batching, flow rate monitoring, controlling, blending and filling. The flowmeter is highly accurate and often used for testing the performance of pumps, engines, valves and other flowmeters. All turbine flowmeters are individually calibrated with water and are traceable to national standards. A test certificate will be provided for each meter showing the number of pulses per litre, which is used to set the instrumentation.

Rate Totaliser.

·  Easy to use
– Quick and easy to setup
– Preset to your requirements
– Displays rate, total & accumulated total

·  Low Cost

·  Battery Powered

·  Highly accurate
– Improve product quality
– Reduce waste and save money

·  Versatile
– Works with most flowmeters
– Waterproof enclosure
– Mounts on the pipe, wall or flowmeter

The Rate Totaliser is designed to display the flow rate and total of your process liquid. You can use it for monitoring, controlling, dispensing, blending or filling of any liquid when used with a wide variety of flowmeters. It is ideal for areas where a power supply is not available. The Rate Totaliser can be mounted directly on to your flowmeter, wall mounted or pipe mounted. Cables are installed via waterproof cable glands.

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