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J3C Smart Electric Actuator Torque Range 25-350Nm Type J3C

J3C IP67 Smart electric valve actuator. 
The unique J3C offers an impressive list of standard features that include protection against over-torque and condensation. It has a selectable manual override that prevents the actuator from responding to remote signals when operated. All electrical connections are made using the supplied external DIN pugs eliminating the need to remove the cover to connect. But the smart part is the LED light that gives users continual visual actuator status feedback. Watch the video below to see why this feature is hugely popular with users.

J3C Electric Actuator - Specifications:

IP67 fully weatherproof Polyamide housing
LED light for continuous visual actuator status feedback
Plug & play failsafe and/or modulating conversion kits
External multi-voltage range Multi Voltage (S) 24-240V AC/DC for Models 20, 35, 55 and 85Low voltage (L) 24V AC/DC , High Voltage (H) 85-240V AC/DC for the Models 140 and 300.
Auto voltage sensing
Electronic torque limiter with auto gearbox relaxing
Thermostatic 3.5W anti-condensation heater
Selectable manual override
All external electrical connection via DIN plugs
External wiring diagram
Local dome style mechanical visual position indicator
Volt free end of travel position confirmation
Multi-flange mounting to ISO:5211
Female star (double square) drive
Serial numbered and traceable
CE marked, designed & made in Europe by J+J

Grouped product items
Product Name Part No. Delivery Time Price Qty
J3C-S20 Electric Actuator 24-240V Multi Voltage 20Nm ACTJ3CS20 In Stock
J3C-S35Electric Actuator 24-240V Multi Voltage 35Nm ACTJ3CS35 In Stock
J3C-S55 Electric Actuator 24-240V Multi Voltage 55Nm ACTJ3CS55 In Stock
J3C-S85 Electric Actuator 24-240V Multi Voltage 85Nm ACTJ3CS85 In Stock
J3C-L140 Electric Actuator 24V AC/DC Multi Voltage 140Nm ACTJ3CL140 2 to 3 Days
J3C-H140 Electric Actuator 85-240V Multi Voltage 140Nm ACTJ3CH140 2 to 3 Days
J3C-L300 Electric Actuator 24V AC/DC Multi Voltage 300Nm ACTJ3CL300 2 to 3 Days
J3C-H300 Electric Actuator 85-240 V Multi Voltage 300Nm ACTJ3CH300 2 to 3 Days
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